WAVE SYSTEMS Ltd. was founded in 2000 to meet the demand of complete solutions to the loading operations of the industrial and trade companies. We represent well-known European manufacturers of docking systems - industrial doors, dock levellers, lifting tables and lifting equipment - wire ropes, polyester slings, webbings, chains, hooks and accessories. The products comply with the European standards and meet the highest demands of quality and safe operation. We design, deliver, install and maintain according to your requests. Our well- trained staff at the main office in Sofia and the territorial representatives in Plovdiv, Burgas, Varna and Ruse are at your service to provide practical and cost-effective solutions to your particular loading problems.

WAVE Systems Ltd. is the company with the longest experience in the advanced loading bay technologies in Bulgaria.

The leader in the field of production and trade in certified lifting equipment.

Optimizes your certain logistic or lifting problems offering the products of well-known European manufacturers - dock levellers, electro-hydraulic lifting tables, industrial doors, dock shelters, lifting equipment.

More than 1000 installations in Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia.

Take advantage over the competition by applying the most progressive technologies in the loading bay systems.


dock levellers

dock shelters

lifting tables

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Designed for safe, quick and economic loading of goods from vehicles to warehouse and back. They bridge the gap between the lorry and the ramp compensating the level and allowing pallet and forklift trucks traffic back and forth.

Stationary dock levellers
They are embedded in the ramp in prepared at the stage of construction pits or stay in front of it in specially built metallic frames. They operate with swing or telescopic lips. The swing lip dock leveller can be raised mechanically or electro-hydraulically and in its highest position the lip can be opened. The platform can be lowered to the lorry bed ensuring direct access into it.

The telescopic lip lies under the platform and extends by pressing a button. This type is particularly suitable for handling containers carried by trucks.

Drawbridge dock levellers
Installed on a profile guide anchored to the edge of the ramp they are ideal for outside operation and can be supplied as fixed or sliding. The sliding levellers glide along the guide rail to a position behind the vehicle to form a precisely placed bridge between the ramp and lorry bed, either below or above ramp level.

Other levellers


Portable dock plates

Dock plates for rail wagons

Mobile loading ramps


You can easily obtain more detailed information visiting the website www.hafa.de of the company HAFA 'Alten Geratebau' GmbH whose representative in Bulgaria we are.



Seals and shelters have been developed to protect personnel and goods from the weather and to conserve energy, leading to improved working conditions for the staff and reduced building costs. Installed in the front of and around the door openings, they bridge the gap between the dock and the vehicle insulating them from the environmental influence. Versions of dock shelters and door seals vary according to the type of building - PVC sheet, rubber covered lamellas, adjustable in height and width, inflatable.

You can easily obtain more detailed information visiting the website www.hafa.de.


The simplified scissors construction ensures safe and long operation without any special maintenance. Lifting tables of large variety of dimensions, lifting heights and capacities are available. Extra flat tables enable entry of transpallets, hot galvanized or stainless tables may be ideal in humid and aggressive surroundings of the food industry.


> Sectional doors
> Sliding doors
> Rapid roll-up doors
> Fireproof doors
> PVC swing doors and strips

Sectional doors

Composed of 42mm thick panels, K=0.4 W/m2K, double-sheet steel or aluminium, insulated by CFC free polyurethane foam. The panels are linked by hinges and slide with self-lubricating nylon rollers along guide rails. The bottom and the top panels end with aluminium profiles and EPDM rubber seals. The balance is achieved by loaded torsion springs, fixed to the headroom of the door. That is how 20000 or 50000 'open/close' working cycles are assured. The doors can be built in according to the individual demands either horizontally under the roof, semi-vertically, vertically or inclined - following the roof. The doors can be equipped with built-in pedestrian door, windows, fully-glazed sections in any colour according to the RAL scale, manually or electrical operated.

Sliding doors

Rapid roll-up doors


Many customers face a need for high efficiency in production and distribution. Intensive material flows require short door passage times and thereby fast, safe and reliable doors. The self-repairable doors have a patented system that return the canvas to its correct position after an accident.

The opening and closing speed of 1.0 m/s means that operating time is very short ensuring energy saving and greater operating performance.

Standard characteristics

  • PVC - canvas, 0.9mm thickness, standard colours: orange, red, blue, white, grey;
  • Differential motor: - 1.5 kW, 3000 p.r.m., reduction of 1 to 20;
  • Rhythm of 1500 cycles a day;
  • Control panel with key selector, "start-stop" press button, "emergency stop" selector;
  • Suspended structure in stainless and lacquered steel;
  • Vision window;
  • Emergency photocell.

Fireproof doors

PVC swing doors and strips